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Our Mission....

Profile of a Graduate

Upon graduation, students from our Topeka Catholic Schools will be citizens and leaders in their community who:

• Respect and care for others and for God's creation.

• Intentionally give of themselves through faith-filled service to their community.

• Attend Mass regularly and are active members of their parish.

• Listen, reflect and discuss issues with a background and knowledge that is rooted in their Catholic faith.

• Work independently and cooperatively in problem solving while developing goals and strategies for success.

Fostering your child's potential through exceptional academics to form tomorrow's citizens and leaders who are grounded in their faith, their values and their character.

Topeka Catholic Schools cover a large portion of the city and its surrounding areas making any of our schools a convenient option for your family. All schools are 15 minutes away or less from a Topeka parish. And all Catholic grade schools are within 15 minutes of Hayden Catholic High School.

“The Catholic faith is in everything we do here, from the smiles when you walk in the door to the teachers caring about the children, to attending Mass.” - Melanie, Mater Dei parent

“Catholic school remains our family’s first choice.  The children grow up in a warm and loving atmosphere in which they find the security and support they need to thrive.  EVERYONE has a vested interest in seeing OUR students success now and prepare them for the future.” - St. Matthew parent

"We are blessed beyond measure - that our family gets to be a part of this family. This place, Hayden Catholic HS - there are no adjectives adequate enough to describe's just an incredible feeling bursting in the depths of your heart and soul. A Catholic high school was NEVER on our radar..and certainly not even a consideration in our boys' mind. However, hands down, one of our best parenting decisions!" - Lesley of Lawrence